Mystery of Centripetal Acceleration

This picture shows the area where you turn from Annacis island crossing system highway towards Highway 99 in Mud Bay in British Columbia. My mother, brother and I always cross this place coming home to South Surrey from our daily Saturday voyage to Vancouver. This turn has made my isolation in the seat of an automobile for a long period of time somewhat bearable. I had always been fascinated by what I now know as centripetal acceleration. Always on the turn I would feel my body pressed against the door as if I was going to be thrown out. I would be amused by objects sliding on the back dash board. Until I took my first courses in physics I could never explain the phenomenon which had always caught my attention.

My physics teacher, Mr. Quan, has taught me that I am experiencing the effect of changing velocities despite my thought that it was some sort of outward force. I also learned that on turns similar to my photo that roads are tilted at an angle to enable one to turn at speed.

In conclusion, I have become a little wiser by knowing more of the secrets of the natural world about us.

David Iwabu
Surrey BC
Category 1 (High School) Honorable mention

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