Space: Three Views

It is possible to completely fill a 3-D space with like items in only a finite number of ways. Described by 230 Space Groups and about any given centre by only 32 Point Groups. For example the famous 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-fold axes, etc., are the geometrical symmetry elements.

The object shown here is a large scale example of one of the more complicated ways of filling space - an arrangement with a left-hand 4-fold, screw symmetry.

Our perception of space via binocular vision allows us to interpret such odd shapes without difficultly. For a 2-D image we need visual clues such as relative size and light and shade to decide the contents of the scene. However here the colour scheme and lighting have conspired to reduce the amount of help available.

Finally many of the people who saw this view had space - or lack of it - very much on their minds.

R.H. Packwood
Ottawa ON
Category 2 (Open)

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