A Spatiotemporal Defect

This space-time image is derived from video pictures of a pattern of moving fingers at an oil-air interface driven out of equilibrium. Each horizontal line through the image is a line from a video frame of the finger pattern. Video lines recorded at succe ssive times are stacked on top of each other to form a spatiotemporal record of the pattern dynamics time runs from top to bottom, and position runs horizontally. The image has been false-coloured. The thin green lines running diagonally across the imag e are the edges of the oil fingers, which propagate from right to left along the interface. In the middle of the image is a spatiotemporal defect: after a few unsuccessful attempts which show up as modulations of the finger widths, a new finger appears and propagates off with its compatriots.

John de Bruyn
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Category 2 (Open) Honourable mention

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