Colourful Maze !

This is an image of a physics tow, which is both diverted and inverted on concave and convex mirrors, respectively. A Canon camera, with power shot of SD 400, and 5.0 mega pixels was used to take this image. The main concept portrayed in this image is that it explains the images produced by both concave and convex lenses. When considering the concave lens (the vertical lens in the image) the rays go through the lens and diverge, meaning spread out, which makes the image bigger than the actual object. As for convex lens (the lens under the actual object), when rays pass through the lens, the rays become converged; meaning become focused, which makes the image smaller than its actual size. From this, we know that a concave mirror produces an image right side up and larger than the actual size, whereas a convex mirror produces an image right side up and smaller than the actual size. This concept is fully illustrated in the corresponding photo, where it becomes difficult to distinguish between the actual toy and the produced image by the mirrors, thereby creating a colourful maze analogy!

Krupal Kavathia
Emergy Collegiate Institute, North York, Ontario
Second Prize ( High School Individual Category )
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