Crayon Energy

Energy- it is something everyone uses on a daily basis. Without energy nothing would be able to move, get heated up, break apart, etcetera. There are many forms of energy and this picture showcases a couple of them. It was made by using a blow dryer to melt the crayons onto a canvas. Due to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be destroyed, so it converts into another form in a process called energy transformation. In this case, the whole process starts with the blow dryer. The electrical energy (current electricity) runs through the blow dryer creating sound energy and thermal energy. The thermal energy is transferred to the crayons which transforms into kinetic energy as the crayons start to melt. The kinetic energy of the melting crayons is affected by the crayons’ gravitational potential energy. This explains why the wax and colours flow in a uniform direction. Due to the force of gravity, the crayons flow downwards while they are being melted and not left or right. And that’s the physics behind the art piece.

Michelle-Ann Delamasa
Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, Scarborough, ON
Second Prize ( High School Class Category )
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