Fg = Ma

Air is all around us; it is inhaled and exhaled to breathe. It exists, but not the actual physical appearance of it. Like air, the force of gravity is always around us, but we can’t see it. As the force of gravity is affecting this water drop, it causes it to fall. Gravity acts upon every single force so they don’t move. Nevertheless, in this picture,we see a water droplet falling. There is no force in the opposite direction so the object is accelerating downwards. Surface tension is what causes the shape of liquid droplets. Droplets are formed into a spherical shape by the cohesive forces of the surface layer. As it falls on to the surface it forms the ripples that get bigger and smaller because the energy that is produced gets weaker as the radius of the ripple gets bigger.

Jean Escueta
R.C. Palmer Secondary School, Richmond, BC
1st Prize ( HS Individual Category )
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