Natural Fireworks

In this picture, a flask of water and bubbles is held up to the sun. This picture shows the phenomenon of the dispersion of light, as can be seen near the edges of the flask where the small bubbles act like tiny prisms that refract the light to show many different colors. However, the phenomenon does not occur around the center of the flask because the light from the sun is too intense to be photographed. Just as rain droplets refract and disperse light, these tiny bubbles do the same; the light travels in the air from the bubbles and refracts as it hits the water thus causing the different frequencies of the colors to travel faster or slower, some colors refract more and some refract less, because of this we can see the different colors.

Mansoor Saqib and Nauman Sharif
Emery Collegiate Institute, North York, Ontario
3rd Prize ( High School Individual Category )
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