A car full of laughing kids travelled down an old back-road in the forest returning from a boring English lecture. Then out of the blue a loud, POP! followed by a hissing sound that got louder by the second.
"Oh sick!" shouted Adam.
"Who's brainy idea was it to come down this road, which looks like it was built in 1860!" Jordan complained.
"Oh pipe down!" yelled Mairi from the back of the car.
"Don't just stand there, fix it, or we'll be late getting back and I'll miss my hair appointment," blurted Eric.
"We can't fix it your majesty," Rhys said sarcastically, "we only have a dumb pole in the trunk!"
"Well, ... use that `dumb' pole then, use it as a lever to lift the car," David said sticking up for Eric, because he had a hair appointment too.
"If we're going to use that pole, we'll need a fulcrum," said Shannon.
"Adam, go get that stump of wood over there," ordered David.
So they lifted up the car, changed the tire and got home in time for all their hair appointments.

Kristin McInnes
Prince George BC
Category 1 (High School) 1st prize

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